Brownlow Lofts - Knoxville, TN    Completed in 2009

Brownlow Lofts - Knoxville, TN

Completed in 2009


The Brownlow Lofts is a $5 million condominium development in the 4th & Gill neighborhood of north Knoxville, Tennessee. The 35 residential units range in size from 570 to 1,431 square feet and sport massive windows, hardwood flooring and a private communal deck for all of the residents to enjoy.



The original Brownlow Elementary School was built in 1913 and existed as a school until it closed in 1996. The brick Colonial Revival styled building sat empty until 2007 when Kinsey Probasco Hays and Cardinal Enterprises of Knoxville bought the structure for renovation.   The dilapidated building is now a crown jewel for the 4th & Gill area however it is best known as the school used in the movie "October Sky".


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